Product Description

K353 is a universal tool steel for cold working applications, characterized by high hardness, high wear resistance and excellent toughness. K353 is a conventionally produced 8% Cr steel which combines very good machinability, good EDM properties and good dimensional stability.


Property Features

  • excellent toughness
  • very good wear resistance properties: improved adhesive wear resistance thanks to added Al content
  • hardness up to 62 HRC (high hardness steel)
  • hardening temperatures in the range of 1030 – 1060 °C (1885 – 1940 °F)
  • secondary hardening steel with good dimensional stability
  • well suited to salt bath or plasma nitriding
  • high strength substrate steel for surface coatings
  • good edge holding ability
  • easy machinability
  • good EDM properties
  • good wire cutting properties

Technical Specifications

Compressive strength Stability heat Toughness Wear resistance abrasive Wear resistance adhesive

Chemical Composition

0.82 0.70 0.40 8.00 1.60 0.60

Chemical composition (average %)

Available product shapes

  • Flat Bar
  • Long Products

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