Product Description

Cr–Mo alloyed steel grade for applications requiring high tensile – and toughness values, particular in medium and large cross sections in quenched and tempered heat treatment condition.

Property Features

Molybdenum addition prevents this steel grade from temper brittlement. Surface hardenable. Manufacturing of parts in vehicles for gear boxes and engines.

Technical Specifications

Material Numbers

1.7225 G41400 G41420 G41450 H41400 H41420 H41450 K14248 42CrMo4 SCM 440 M SCM 440 TK SCM 440 HRCH SCM 440 RCH SCM 440 H SCM 440 SNB 7 Class 2


10083-3 10132-3 10250-3 10263-4 10269 10297-1 10305-1 10343 6349D 6382N 6381H 6395G 6452D 6529C G3311 G3441 G3509-1 G3509-1 G4053 G4052 G4107

Available product shapes

  • Long Products
  • Plates
  • Standard Bar


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